If only as a ghost

Detta kan vara en av de sorgligste låtarna jag hört på länge.. Lyssna och njut. Själv gråter jag. Men den är bra fin också!
Could you please come back to me if only as a ghost
I might not be alone in grief but I need you most
You're not just my older brother, you're my best friend
I never got to tell you that
So please come back again

My sweet wife is sleeping now, so's my newborn son
I wish you could be with me as my life just begun
You should see him lying there, he looks just like me
But I sure hope that it is you
That he grows up to be

The day you died, I thought that I was gonna die as well
Everything was shaking and my life turned to hell
I'm telling you I'm happy that a son is born to me
But sometimes I can't bear the thought
That you're not here to see

Mama, paps, the rest of the bunch and all our good friends too
We're riding on a swimming horse and we still talk of you
But in the night, when I'm alone I think about before
When I was throwing magazines
At you because you snored

I dream about our arguments, I dream about our love
I can't stand people telling me you're watching from above
It's giving me no comfort thinking God's now your host
Cause I'm the one who needs you here
If only as a ghost

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